Should we abolish subsidies and benefits for the poor to motivate them to make progress?

There are always one, two, three, or four teasers who deny the existence of class barriers and believe that the reason why the poor are poor is that they don’t work hard enough. Such people are either stupid or bad. Supplement: 1. Let me tell you two stories first. During the reign of Emperor Hui of Jin, there was a famine in one year. The people had no food to eat. They had to dig grassroots and eat Guanyin soil. Many people starved to death because of this. The news was quickly reported to the palace, and Emperor Jin Hui sat on the high throne and listened to the minister’s report. He was very puzzled. The “kind” Emperor Hui Jin wanted to do something for his people. After contemplating and contemplating, he finally realized a “solution” and said: “If the people don’t have corn to fill their hunger, why not eat meat?” Before the United States abolished slaves, the United States The white slave owner of the southern plantation particularly liked to list a black model, saying that he worked hard and worked hard, so he could get more food and pay every month. For those who could not eat and were dissatisfied with the slave owners, they criticized them for not working seriously and unable to support their families because they did not work hard enough. These two stories, the first one is silly, the latter is bad. The question of “why not abolish subsidies and benefits for the poor to motivate them to make progress” has both the silliness of the former and the badness of the latter. It not only attributed the poor people’s poverty completely to the poor’s inability to make progress and deserved it, but also believed that as long as the subsidies for the poor were eliminated, the poor would work hard and make progress, and the efficiency of the whole society would be improved. I think they probably regard themselves as slave owners. 2. Now many college graduates like to advertise their pain. For example, I get up at 7 a.m. to go to work and go home at 10 p.m. For example, I made a full drawer for the postgraduate entrance examination notes, went to the library early in the morning to occupy a seat, and turned over the pages of the real question book. But when they are sleepy, they can rest on the office chairs for a while. If they are hungry, they can go to the school cafeteria to have a meal and then come back to work. They do things related to books in the air-conditioned room, desks, and computers with good temperatures. This is called effort, is this called pain? Taiyuan Foxconn’s assembly line employees have to process 900 products every hour when they are busy, and the average processing time for each product cannot exceed 4 seconds. During the ten hours of work, every second must be standing there with concentration. Repetitive work with machinery-many employees admits, “It feels like a walking dead.” However, they will not leave because they know that Foxconn is the McKinsey in the assembly line factory. After leaving here, they will never find a better work unit. Foxconn security guards tens of meters away often looked at them enviously, saying that they wanted to be workers, but because they made too many mistakes, they had to be security guards. In 2012, if an ordinary Foxconn worker only worked 10 hours a day, his salary was “enviable” 1,800 yuan. So they work more than 60 hours a week on average. The wages of the workers in the Datong Black Coal Kiln are slightly less Be higher. Every day at 6 a.m., I must go down to pull the coal and pull it until I can no longer work at night. Transporting dozens of kilograms of coal up from 700 to 800 meters underground, a worker can get a daily salary of about 100 yuan, which is roughly equal to the daily salary of an intern who doesn’t have to do anything. In addition to the difficult working environment, workers have to face risks such as mine disasters, wage arrears by their bosses, and inability to bear their health. Even so, when asked whether it was hard work, a worker surnamed Chen from rural Sichuan still said: “Here is 10 times better than in his hometown. Working here for a year is comparable to working at home for 6 years.”The Sherpas at the foot of Mount Everest provide guide services for climbers from all over the world. Not only do they carry baggage for climbers on the 7,000-meter high mountain, but they also have to build walls for employers to pass through dangerous obstacles that are difficult to overcome—so they can earn $4,000 a year in salary. To convert this into an income of less than 40,000 yuan, the death rate of Sherpas is 12 times that of the US military in Iraq. “My friends and brothers are dead. Survival depends on luck.” Sherpa Basan said, “This is our job and our only way to make money.” So, when you blow on the air conditioner, sit on the subway, go to college, use the computer, and do decent work in the city, you face the bottom struggling for basic survival What is the people’s position that “should we cancel the welfare of the poor to motivate them to make progress?” You know, many of them don’t even speak literate or even speak Mandarin. And you can even communicate with foreigners in English. Some people may go to the central leadership to eat the noodles every day, and some people may go back and blow the first half of the first half by saying a word with the official-level officials. This is called class: it represents the education received, the information contacted, and the circles that can be reached are completely different. The above three points are the biggest factors that affect making money. This kind of factor is always with you from birth. Only a very small part of the genius will be separated from their class because of their top 0.1% IQ. Most people can only spend their lives in their classes. For a long time, “we come from different classes” is a more insurmountable obstacle than age and gender. 3. “In 1998, American columnist Barbara Allenrick chose six places to work in different cities to experience the life of the bottom American people. To ensure that she can truly experience the life of the local bottom people, Everywhere she went, she concealed her identity and cut off contact with her past friends, starting with her savings of $1,000. However, she still decided for herself that she must have her car, otherwise, it would be too inconvenient. Raising a car in the United States The cost is much cheaper than in China. This car owner can be a poor person. In these areas, an ordinary person with no academic qualifications can find a job with an hourly salary of US$6~7. After working eight hours a day, it is US$50. , 25 days a month is 1,250 US dollars.   But if you want to be closer to the place of work, often the rent will have to account for more than 600 US dollars, which is too heavy for people who earn more than 1,000 US dollars a month. So she had to Rent a house tens of kilometers away from the workplace, but the cost of keeping a car like this, and eating cheap and nutritious fast food, you have to buy food and gasoline for 400 to 500 dollars a month. Then, there is not much left. The first few days of finding a job in an unfamiliar city will be even more difficult, because I have not found a stable place to live, so I have to go to a hotel for a few days. The accommodation in these few days will quickly accumulate 1,000 US dollars. When the first salary is reached, the money has to pay the rent quickly. Barbara has changed six jobs in different cities, with retail, cleaning, and elderly services, but the ending is the same: she finds herself in a dilemma.- ->Because she has no money, she has to live in a remote place–>Because she lives in a remote place, she has to spend a lot of time on the road–>Because she spends a lot of time on the road, she uses it to improve herself and find better job opportunities She has less and less time–> To cope with the rent and cost of living, she has to persuade herself to take on more hours of work or part-time jobs–>Because she spends too much time doing all kinds of hard work, she gradually becomes a working machine, Unable to do anything else, until the emotions explode and leave and then change a place, enter the next cycle. Yes, changed six jobs, no matter how hard you work, you can’t get a future, nor at Wal-Mart. A ridiculous The fact is, those who do service at Wal-Mart can’t afford the merchandise promoted at Wal-Mart. This is the class. When you see a poor child working hard in Beijing, he finally became the best of his peers and got 20 Wan’s annual pre-tax salary, but because he had to pay his family’s debts for college and take care of his old father who was in bed, he still had to live frugally every day. And another rich kid only rented out the family’s The house’s annual income is 200,000. When you discover that Ma Huateng’s father is a listed director of Yantian Port Company, he drove a Mercedes-Benz to account for Ma Huateng in 1997. You will feel that this is the class. 4, the British also believed that poverty was original Because laziness is a sin. For example, the “Poverty Law” requires that the poor who receive relief must be in the Poor House. At work, the working conditions are much worse than those in ordinary factories, and the pay is much lower. The purpose is to stimulate these poor people to go out and support themselves. A British professor recalled that when he was a child, there was a poor factory next to his home. Some old people were distracted when they talked about it, and they didn’t even approach it. They lost their minds when they saw the house. They would rather starve to death than go in. Later, when the economic crisis came, many “decent” families who were recognized as hardworking and thrifty also went bankrupt and were displaced, just like the poor people before. Finally, they realized that poverty is not a kind of laziness, not a sin. Poverty is a misfortune and needs help. One is because China’s emerging middle class is not far from the bottom. They often have decent jobs with not high incomes. After working hard for more than ten years, they finally paid off their mortgages and car loans. They succeeded in turning from a low-level offspring to a middle class and turned to self-confidence. , I like to blame the poor in the world for not working hard to improve their lives. A natural disaster, a man-made disaster, or a serious illness can make them stage a farce of “the middle class becomes petitioner overnight”. Only then did they realize that they could not quickly regain wealth, and there were no middle-class friends around who could help them selflessly. All I have is a pair of industrious hands and the little savings that I have accumulated through constant hard work. Now that these savings are gone, the middle-class dream is broken, and the middle-class becomes petitioners overnight. Only then did they realize, like the British, that poverty is not far away from their “pseudo-middle class”. So, helping the poor not only embodies the humanitarian spirit but also helps ourselves. Moreover, the proletarians are urgent. Have you heard of this sentence? “What the proletarians lose is only the chains, and what they gain will be the whole world.” One last sentence: China doesn’t know when a trend of massacring the people at the bottom will begin. “You are weak and you are reasonable”, “Why don’t I like you”, “Why don’t I help you”, “Why don’t I lend you money”, “Why I can’t help you”, “You are just a weak circle “Poor family, low IQ”, “Why don’t I associate with the poor”, “Poor and ugly men must be bothered”, “Poor people must also have bad character” These articles are popular, and they are exposed every day and night. The so-called “original sin of the poor” first fully deconstructed the mentality of the people at the bottom, and then clearly pointed out not to interact with the people at the bottom. Recently, the argument that “you are poor is because you don’t work hard” has emerged, and has begun to punish the hearts of the people at the bottom. So those people at the bottom who are greedy and struggling to survive are driven into a hell of laziness, greed, not worthy of help, no IQ and no EQ, and they deserve to die as if it is not enough to beat them to the bottom, but they have to step on thousands. Ten thousand feet just give up. If not, why bother to give the poor man a hateful name? Why should the ashes and the dust hate each other?

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